Making Changes to Keep It Balanced:

At Yum! Brands, we recognize that eating habits vary from society to society based on local food preferences and culture. We believe a balanced diet consists of a variety of foods from the recognized food groups such as grains/rice/cereals; vegetables; dairy; meat/beans; fats; fruits; and optional calories from sweets.

We strive to proactively improve the nutritional profile of our high quality food while providing great taste. We always will offer a variety of menu options at each of our brands that can be part of a balanced diet. We continue to educate consumers about our product nutrition and support exercise programs. We want consumers to make informed choices about their diet and incorporate exercise into a healthy lifestyle.

Talk with your physician and/or a registered dietitian to get specific information that will help you make informed choices about incorporating a balanced diet and exercise into a healthy lifestyle. Some basic steps to follow:

  1. Keep a record of what you eat and drink.
  2. Keep a record of your physical activity.
  3. Set personal goals.
  4. Make a plan of small changes you know you can do.
  5. Be Patient! Don’t expect to meet your goals overnight.
  6. Track your progress.
  7. Reward yourself for your successes.
5 Healthy Tips